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Deposit for Japan Creative 2018


December 1st - December 9th 2018 9 days / 8 nights
Join us in Japan for this artfully blended experience like none other!
With eight nights and nine creatively infused days of Architecture, Art, Culture and Restorative Yoga. You will also be hands on with workshops in Tapestry Weaving, Basket Weaving, Japanese Sashiko, Indigo dying, Yoga and Meditation to awaken your creative self. Set in Japan’s breathtaking art islands of the Seto inland sea, Naoshima and Teshima, this retreat has been woven together with heart to inspire you to access your core creativity, as if opening your heart to a beam of creative energy emanating from within.
The experience will begin with three nights in Kyoto bathing in the romance as we wander Kyoto's atmospheric streets. Cocooned in a valley with green mountains rising protectively around it, we will experience all of Kyoto’s delights with our very own personal local guide, Rika. She will take us to the temples and a garden in Arashiyama area, famous for its scenic beauty since ancient time. We will then move to a zen temple whish on this day, the temple has a special event to serve Shojin cuisine (Zen style vegetarian meal) with a guided tour by the monk Daiko Matsuyama. Then, we will move to the east part of Kyoto to visit Kawai Kanjiro Museum. Kanjiro was one of the most popular potters in Kyoto in early 20th century. The place where he used to create and live, now is open to public as a museum. Here, we can see his love and passion for creation, as well as his playfulness and humanity.
On the following day Rika will also takes us to a Machiya townhouse (traditional townhouse), where we will have demonstrations on the Sensu (Folding Fan). We also will enjoy the Furoshiki demonstration in a big tatami room.
Our workshops in Kyoto include Japanese embroidery, Sashiko with Meri from Walnut Kyoto and Tapestry weaving with Natalie Miller.
For the next five nights the energy of the Islands of the Seto inland sea, Naoshima and Teshima will infuse you with inspiration, immersing you in the experience of nature, artistic exploration and awakening a sense of vitality and infinity, which becomes the path to your core creativity. We will be guided by Casey Cordoba with restorative yoga and meditation. We will make Japanese bamboo inspired baskets with Harriet Goodall, we will also dip them in an indigo Vat and learn all about indigo. There will be sunrise walks, sunset bike riding, and not to mention we will be visiting the most incredible galleries and art projects on the islands.
Textiles, art, architecture and craft are at the heart of this retreat and the best have come together to guide you.

Escorted by Natalie Miller, Harriet Goodall and Casey Cordoba.

From $3995 AUD

What's included
8 nights accommodation. ( 3 nights kyoto, 3 nights Naoshima, 2 nights Teshima)
8 breakfasts, 5 lunches and 5 dinners
All workshops, sashiko, tapestry weaving, basket weaving and indigo dyeing.
All workshop materials.
All restorative yoga and meditation
One and a half days of guided tour in Kyoto which included most transportation, special guides and demonstrations.
All museum entries on Naoshima and Teshima as specified. Chichu Museum, Art house project, Benesse House, Teshima Art museum and Teshima Yokoo House

What's not included
Travel insurance (compulsory)
Travel budget by Shinkansen (bullet train) and Ferries to the Seto Inland Seas, local trains and buses around the islands and Kyoto (budget $250aud)
Some lunches and dinners
Shower coins at Naoshima
Bike hire (at your own risk)
All drinks